Where can I download the Amble application?

There are two ways to get Amble: from the App store ―if you wish to download it directly from your iPhone― or from the iTunes store ―if you are downloading the application from your Mac or PC.

Is the Amble application free to download and use?

Yes, Amble is free to download and use. Although, downloading a City Guide from the Amble store is a paid service.

Size of the application and download process from an iPhone

The size of the application is less than 20MB and Amble is downloaded directly from your iPhone via the App Store.

Amble Tutorial

The Amble tutorial is only available on the iPhone application. You can access this tutorial anytime by pressing the help button.

Amble compatibility with iPad and other small touch devices

Amble is an iPhone application and is therefore not compatible with other small touch devices.

Amble and iPad are compatible, however this latter doesn’t support all the application functionalities; for a better experience visit the web site www.louisvuittonamble.com.

How can I create an account?

You can create an account from the website using the button “create an account”, or from the application by pressing the “join now” button

I have forgotten my password

If you have forgotten your password, go to the website, click on “forgot my password” and follow the instructions.

I want to change my name, email address or password

You can change any personal information by going to the section “settings” of the website.

Security & Privacy

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You are entitled to request access to your personal information as well as their modification or deletion . You may also oppose, at no cost, to further use of your data by Company, in which case you will no longer be able to use the Service nor receive details on Louis Vuitton products or services.

You may exercise the abovementioned rights by sending mail at : contact_amble@louisvuitton.com.

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What is an Amble?

An Amble is a personalized pathway within a city, and is composed of several spots chosen by the user

What is a spot?

A spot is a place of interest that has been selected by a user within an Amble

What is the difference between My Ambles, Around Me and the City Guide sections?

“My Ambles” is the view of your current pathway as you walk in the streets.

“Around me” allows you to find places of interest found by other users and near your current location.

“City Guide” gives you access to the free and paid addresses from the Louis Vuitton City Guides, and located around you. In this section, a filter is available to browse the places by center of interest

What is the difference between the map, the list and the augmented reality visualization modes?

Those three modes offer different ways to review pathways and addresses.

Note that the augmented reality mode is only available using the camera on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4G

How can I delete an Amble?

You can delete an Amble by going to the “My Ambles” section and selecting the Amble you want to change within the “My Recorded Ambles” sub-section. Note that once an Amble is published, it cannot be deleted anymore.

How can I modify an Amble?

You can modify an Amble by going to the “My Ambles” section and selecting the Amble you want to change within the “My Recorded Ambles” sub-section. Before publishing, you also have the possibility to select the spots you want to remove from your Amble. Note that once an Amble is published, it cannot be modified anymore.

Can I change my language settings?

Sorry, Amble is currently only available in English

How can I record an Amble?

You can start recording an Amble by pressing the “start” button. Your iPhone will map out your path as you amble though the city, and you can spot any places that interest you, at any time

Can I record an Amble anywhere in the world?

Yes, you can record an Amble anywhere in the world, as long as this area is covered by Google Maps. You will also need a network connection as well as a GPS (Global Positioning System) to complete your recording.

How much does it cost to record an Amble in a foreign country?

Using and creating an Amble is free, however if you are using some functionalities requiring an Internet access, you will be charged for the connection according to your phone plan. Note that if you are abroad, Wi-Fi networks offer lower Internet costs than 3G connectivity.

Share a place

You can send any address you have spotted to a friend via email, or by using the social media networks Facebook and Twitter.

Publish an Amble

After the recording of your Amble, you can decide to make it public. Once your Amble has been approved by the Louis Vuitton moderation team, the whole pathway will be accessible to all users, excluding your personal videos and sounds that remain private.

Why has my Amble been published without my videos and sounds?

To protect users’ rights and privacy, videos and sounds always remain unpublished.

Why has one of my media files not been published?

To be published, your media file must comply with the terms and conditions.

Can I write the content of my Amble in any language?

Yes, an Amble can be written in any language, yet English is the only accepted language for the publication.

Preparing an Amble on the website

There are two ways to prepare an Amble :

  • You can create your own pathway by bookmarking places of interest you like or addresses you have found in the “Inspirations” and “City Guide” sections.
  • Or you can decide to edit an existing Amble by adding or removing addresses from its pathway.

The “Roundtrip” and “A-Z” functionalities will automatically generate the most sensible path between all the Amble addresses.

If you wish to prepare an Amble from the application, please follow the same process and use the button “synchronize my path” to reorganize your spots.

How to review all the Ambles I created?

You will find all your Ambles within “My Ambles” section, which gathers both “My Recorded Ambles” ―the ones you have already recorded― and “My Planned Ambles” ―the ones you intend to visit.

Note that on the iPhone application, you can find your planned Ambles within “My To Do” section once you have synchronized your accounts.

How to synchronize my web and iPhone accounts?

To match the content across your iPhone and web accounts, you just have to press the button “Synchronize” within “My Ambles” section, either on the application or on the website.

How to review all my media?

All your associated pictures, sounds and videos are gathered into “My Ambles” section. The iPhone dashboard also allows to review all the media of a selected Amble.

Where can I find other Ambles related to my personal interests?

You can find Ambles related to your personal interest by browsing the different LV Friends, Shared and Curated Ambles from the “Inspirations” section.

Shared, Curated and LV Friends Ambles

The “Inspirations” section gathers three different types of Ambles: the Shared, Curated and LV Friends Ambles. As indicated by its name, the “LV Friends” section offers pathways created by personalities and friends of the House.

The “Shared” Ambles are pathways that are moderated and then published, after a user has chosen to share it.

The “Curated Ambles” are a selection of Ambles hand-picked by Louis Vuitton among the “Shared Ambles” and highlighted for their particular originality and creativity.

How can I use the Ambles from the Inspirations section?

The “Inspirations” section allows to find new addresses and pathways to explore. You can either select individual places that interest you, or add a full Amble into “My Planned Ambles”.

If you synchronize your iPhone, your selection of inspiring places will be saved into your “To Do” list.

Does it cost anything to review or use other users’ Ambles?

No, reviewing or using Ambles from the “Inspirations” section is totally free.

Can I buy a digital City Guide without Amble?

No, digital City Guides are only available through the Amble store.

Digital City Guides download process

You are first invited to download Amble via iTunes or the App store. From here, you can purchase and download a digital City Guide in the Amble store.

Can I offer a digital City Guide to a friend that has an iPhone?

No, your friend must download the Amble application via iTunes or the App Store to then access the digital City Guides store on Amble.

Can I have a sample from a City Guide before I buy it online?

By downloading Amble, you will have a free access to more than 250 addresses from the City Guides.

New versions of the digital City Guides

Getting a new version of a digital City Guide is a paid service.

However, available updates are free of charge.

I have issues to download a digital City Guide, what should I do?

If you are having issues with downloads, you may want to contact Apple technical services.

I succeeded in downloading the digital City Guide but can not open it, what should I do?

This issue might be due to your iPhone, you may want to contact Apple technical services.

Can I also download the digital City Guide on my PC at home?

No, the digital City Guides cannot be downloaded from a computer. However, once you have downloaded a City Guide from your iPhone, you can synchronize your accounts and access the City Guide addresses from your computer.

Data storage details

The City Guides are directly downloaded on your iPhone so as to be accessible anytime, even when you are not connected to the Internet.